Sid is an inspirational teacher. Not only in how he teaches but how he lives. His amazing skill, highly personal attention, and humorous style make his classes pleasurable as well as rewarding. In my 25 years of martial arts study and over 20 years of T’ai Chi Ch’uan with Sid, he is the best teacher I have ever met. T.K

“The practice of Tai Chi has not only given me a much stronger and agile body, but an understanding that the body and mind are not separate, they are a balanced whole that works and moves as one. The daily practice of Tai Chi has grown into a lifestyle. I am now better able to appreciate the rewards of ease and effortlessness in every facet of daily life and all that it presents.”

“I first met Wendy in 1995 through my chiropractor who suggested I have a massage to help me relax. Wendy is greatly gifted in understanding the body’s anatomy and skeletal structure so her massage techniques follow suit, and I know I can trust her judgment on knowing how much pressure to apply. During that time, Wendy was teaching a Qi Gong class, that I started going to and her soft-spoken and quiet manner added to the experience.

I had some physical health issues that were not being addressed through conventional Western medicine so I decided to give acupuncture a try, and was pleasantly surprised how much better I started to feel. I have been a devoted patient of Wendy’s ever since seeing her every other week for sixteen years now for acupuncture treatments. No matter the issue, whether acute, chronic or preventative, I know Wendy will always know just where to put those needles for the best possible outcome, not to mention the most restful sleep on the planet after a long day’s work. I highly recommend Wendy for massage, acupuncture and her Qi Gong and Tai Chi classes. She’s a multi-faceted bundle of talent  who also happens to be a fantastic vegetarian cook and an award-winning artist.”  – C.A.

“Tai chi has helped me improve my health and reduce tension from working on the computer. After attending classes 2-3 times a week for a month, the chronic pain in my shoulders and neck disappeared. I began to feel greatly relaxed after each session and noticed greater flexibility and posture improvements. Wendy has a great gift for helping  each person to work towards their learning goals and to see how the practice of tai chi fits each individual.” – J. L.

4 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. David Romano

    Dear Sid and Wendy,

    I just wanted to say hi and let you know I like your website. I have fond memories of our times together in Santa Cruz and with Mr. Zhong. Rasa and I meet once in a while to do the form in the Arboretum in San Francisco. I still love Integrated Tai Chi.

    1. wballen@taichisantacruz.com Post author

      Thanks for touching base David. Sid and I are still practicing and teaching Tai Chi. We’re happy to hear from you! Best wishes! Wendy

  2. Harriet Mainis

    i’m looking for a TAI CHI Teacher to come to our home once a week to give my husbands lessons is there
    a teacher that can do this for him ? please let me know


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